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Pool Heater Not Heating Water? It’s Time for a Repair

If there’s one thing that we all know about Florida homeowners, it’s that we do not dig the cold. In the few weeks where the temperature drops, we turn up our heaters indoors and throw on our warmer jackets to wait for warmer weather. It’s November through February, our swimming pool heaters work overtime to keep us comfortable – and that includes our well-loved pool heaters, too!

When you step in for a swim on a cool evening, you expect it to be toasty and warm. But what happens when you discover your pool heater not heating water like it’s supposed to? It’s time for a quick pool repair from your local experts!

This month, we’re preparing for the cold days ahead by going over the top three signs that it’s time for a pool heater repair. Knowing when it’s time to call a professional can be a great way to save time and money while enjoying your poolside days all year long!

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Big Pool Heater Problems

Pool heater systems are not something that you will need to replace or repair very often, especially with proper maintenance. Most pool heaters should stick around for 8 to 12 years.

However, pool owners can still run into problems on occasion. The main issues that we see with malfunctioning heaters are:

  • Clogged Filters
  • Corrosion from Humidity & Rust
  • Gas or Electric Line Issues
  • High Chlorine Levels

From poor water chemistry to years of wear-and-tear, there are several problems that can crop up with your pool equipment. Any sign of a malfunction could be a mechanical issue or a safety issue. It’s important to call a professional when you notice any of the following signs of swimming pool heater issues.

Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Call a Pool Heater Technician

Pool Water Has Inadequate Heating

When your pool heater turns on but doesn’t reach the desired temperature, doesn’t heat fast enough, or the temperature fluctuates without any thermostat adjustment, you might have a problem. Inconsistent or low water temperatures could be a problem with the heating cycle, the gas line pressure, or the water filter.

Solution: Check to make sure that the settings on your thermostat are set properly and clean your pool filter. If you still have problems with the water temp staying consistent, call a professional. Low gas pressure or a problem with the electrical components of your pool heater could be where your problem lies. Since this can be a sign of a safety issue, you’ll want to have it checked immediately.

Heater Shuts Down or Won’t Turn On

Obviously, if your heater won’t turn on, there’s a problem. With gas-powered heaters, a closed gas valve, pilot light problem, or incorrect thermostat can prevent ignition.

For a heat pump, corrosion or low-pressure water flow can spell disaster for cool pool days. A problem with the power supply, corrosion on internal components, or a dirty filter will stop your heater from turning on at all or staying on.

Solution: Your heater may be working just fine but it isn’t turning on because of the thermostat settings. If the water temperature sensor matches the thermostat settings but it still feels cold, you might need to raise the settings so that the heater turns back on again. You should also prevent low water flow by checking the pool filter and cleaning out the skimmer and pump basket.

Don’t mess with your pool pump, gas supply valve, or any heating elements when your pump shuts off. Call a pool repair technician for professional assistance to prevent injuring yourself during a DIY repair job!

Smoke, Burning Smells, and Strange Noises

Major changes in your gas pool heater or heat pump are never a good sign. Strange noises and burning smells are even worse. When the air temperature drops during pool season, your pool heater will make some sort of noise – but whistling, banging, or very loud sounds from your heater should be checked out.

Obviously, if your heat pump or gas heater smells like it’s burning (or if it’s emitting dark exhaust or smoke), there is a big safety risk at hand – this is never normal!

Solution: Mechanical issues and electrical problems can’t be ignored or overlooked, especially when dealing with your pool. Turn off the pool heater immediately and reach out to your local pool heater repair company.

Repairing Electric & Gas Pool Heaters with a Professional in Vero Beach

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Enjoy Your Pool All Year Long with a Reliable Heat Pump

Most of the time, pool owners won’t have to deal with major issues. But it’s important to know the signs that a pool repair is on the horizon, since many problems can be safety hazards around the pool.

If you have any of these issues, need a pool heater fix for a different malfunction, or want to replace your current heater, Bates is here to help. We offer professional, local pool heater maintenance and replacements for every swimming pool in Vero Beach, FL. Give us a call to get your repair scheduled with one of our expert technicians!

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