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How Old is My AC Unit? | HVAC FAQs

Is your air conditioner’s birthday coming up? Do you even remember when it was installed? If you’re asking “how old is my AC unit?” then this is the blog for you!

Knowing the age of your HVAC system is important. The age of your system is a big factor when it comes to predicting performance and repair costs each year. And if your air conditioning system is coming up on its tenth or eleventh birthday, then you might be seeing some seasonal problems. It’s also a very good indicator of whether you should repair or replace your system when problems crop up.

If your central air was installed before you moved into your home (or you just plain can’t remember), finding the year of your AC’s install/date of manufacture is easy. You just need to know where to look!

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Take a Look at the System Nameplate

Finding the manufacturer’s date of your system is often a simple task. In many cases, you can look at the nameplate on the outside of your AC’s condenser. The metal nameplate should contain all kinds of technical specifications along with the year that the unit was made.

The location of the nameplate varies. They can be found on the back or front of the unit and at the top or bottom. Take a good look around the condenser and you should be able to find it after a few minutes.

In addition, you can also see the manufacturer’s name, the model number, and the serial number of your system. If the year isn’t listed clearly on the plate, you can use this information for our next suggestion!

Check Out the Serial Number

If the manufacturing date isn’t on the condenser, there’s another option.

Take a photo of the nameplate or grab a piece of paper. Write down the serial number, model number, and company name. Then, it’s time to head to Google.

From here, you can look up how to “read” the serial number for some companies. Just look up the company name, the serial number, and “manufacture date” for the best results. A quick online guide like this one (for Trane Serial Numbers) will get you an answer pretty fast!

Alternatively, you can always call a professional HVAC company and ask them if they can tell you the age based on the model and serial number.

Is it Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

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Is it time for a new air conditioning system or just a repair?

We’ll spend some more time on this topic in the future, but let’s talk a little bit about when your AC gets too old.

When you find out how long your air conditioner has been sitting around, it is time to ask yourself if it’s time for a replacement.

Here are our top signs that it’s time to consider a full HVAC system replacement:

  • If Your Florida Central AC is More Than 10-12 Years Old
  • If Your Power Bill Skyrockets in Hot or Cold Months
  • If You Have Constant or Expensive Repairs
  • If Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Well (or At All)

When you start to notice one or more of these problems, it might be time for an upgrade. A new air conditioner will be more efficient and effective while saving you money on power bills and repairs. If an AC replacement is on the table for your home, give Bates Air & Heat a call to talk about your HVAC options!

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